May Change

1 fulmar

Fulmar chicks growing strong

2 uffin win

Puffin heading into winter plumage

Thursday 8th August comments: The Isle of May is slowly and surely changing. The vast seabird city has become a town as seabirds start departing for winter grounds far and wide. Whilst Puffins prepare for the open North Sea, Kittiwakes start thinking about life towards Greenland whilst the Terns are heading on one of the worlds greatest ever migrations to the Antarctic.

As bird dwindle in number its interesting to watch signs of departure as Puffins wheel across the island whilst Kittiwakes flock in vast numbers off the south end. There is also physical signs as birds are starting to moult into their winter plumage like the Puffin in the above picture. The seabird breeding season is almost at a close for another year.

However its not quite over. Our Fulmar chicks still have some way to go as the big fluffballs on the cliffs are still very evident as it won’t be until late August before they depart. Then as we reach September we’ll be into peak bird migration and then comes the final wildlife spectacle for the Isle of May; we’ll enter Seal season. So still plenty to see and to report so don’t go anywhere. The fun is just about to begin!

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