Autumn waders

(top Purple Sandpiper, bottom left Turnstone, bottom right Common Sandpiper)

Wednesday 21st August comments: Its the time of year when migration is starting to pick up on the Isle of May as birds are starting to move south or head into the UK for the winter. One group of birds which has been moving for several weeks now are the waders and if you look closely along the rocky shorelines of the Isle of May, we have plenty of them.

Yesterday an all island count revealed Oystercatcher 39, Turnstone 131, Purple Sandpiper 51, Redshank 18, Curlew 78, Whimbrel 3, Ruff, Greenshank and Dunlin (a healthy total of birds). These migrating waders are using the island as a service station, fueling up as they prepare to continue on their journeys although one or two will stay for the winter.

It just shows the importance of the island, not just for seabirds and seals, but also other wildlife including wading birds. Tomorrow we’ll bring you the highlights from the sea and you’ll not be disappointed…

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