Whale Watching

Minike Whale (GR)


(Very short video of Minke Whale surfacing near the island taken yesterday morning)

Thursday 22nd August comments: Without doubt the best opportunity to see a cetacean (whale or dolphin) in Isle of May waters is to visit during August-September. In recent days we’ve had a Minke Whale resident (photos above) and the animal has been showing well off the south end of the Isle with Harbour Porpoise seen daily from various areas.

As certain fish species move into the area in late summer (especially Mackerel and Herring) we see an increase in predators such as Minke Whales and Bottle-nosed Dolphins. These large marine mammals are frequently recorded during the late summer and in recent years we’ve also recorded Humpback Whales (2019 and 2016) and Orca (Killer Whales) in 2015.

The North Sea is full of life and these large marine mammals are a good barometer of the health of the sea. If you are visiting or even just visiting a headland on the mainland, keep your eyes peeled as you never know what you may just see!

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