Butterfly bonanza


Top: Lots of butterflies!

Middle: Peacock and Comma

Bottom: Small Tortishell and Painted lady

Saturday 24th August comments: It’s been a stunning few days of weather and as a result the island has been lifting with Butterflies. We don’t get great diversity out here in terms of species but what we do get is good numbers. In recent days alone we’ve had over 700 Red Admirals as well as lots of Painted Ladies, Large Whites, Peacocks and Small Tortoiseshells.

These butterflies are migrating through the island (with some stopping off to breed) and taking advantage of the flowering plants on the island. This fuel stop is vital for them and it’s great to see the clouds of butterflies around the island. As well as the usual suspects we’ve also recorded Ringlet on 21st July, Comma on 21st August and Meadow Brown on 22nd August.

If you are visiting the Isle of May enjoy the impressive array of butterfly’s because you don’t often see concentrations like this. Although the summer hasn’t been the best in terms of sunshine, it is certainly delivering now so come out and enjoy it whilst it lasts.


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