Changing of the Guard


The lochside quiet and empty


The islands accommodation looking south


east side and the Low Lighthouse


North Plateau

Thursday 5th September comments: The Isle of May can be a quiet place in September as its the changing of the guard; the seabirds have virtually gone and the Grey Seals are starting to arrive. We’ll soon be entering Seal Season and the then the fun will really begin, but that’s another story for another day.

At the moment the last of Fulmar chicks are flopping off the cliffs and heading out into the North Sea for the first time whilst small numbers of Shags and Kittiwakes remain. It’s all that remains of the seabird breeding season as everything else has long gone, not to return until next spring. The islands vegetation still looks lush (the rabbits enjoy this time of year) whilst the annual autumn boom in the mouse population continues.

Its also a good time to reflect as you walk across the Isle enjoying the great views of Fife to the north, Edinburgh to the west and St.Abb’s Head to the south as the Isle of May offers so much at different times of the year. For the birders amongst us, its also a good time for bird migration so its never dull out here and we’ll enjoy the peace and quiet at present because that’s all about to change…

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