Go West

Iain Livingstone (3)

Our youngster caught in the Upper Forth (Iain Livingstone)

Iain Livingstone (2)

Looking fit and healthy (Iain Livingstone)

Sunday 8th September comments: We’ve had some great feedback and comments from lots of people (thank you) about the Tern success on the island but it’s only just the beginning…

Overall it takes experience, knowledge, time and effort (as well as money) to achieve the goals we want and managing the island for seabirds is an important aspect of our work. We look to protect and enhance whilst also sharing with everyone and without the public support we could never do what we do, so thank you and keep on visiting!

Following the news of the Roseate Tern success, the hybrid chick fledged with its parents on 8th August and departed the island on its southerly migration. However we were delighted to learn that the bird had been seen elsewhere. Clyde ringing group were catching Terns at Blackness (near Blackness castle) in West Lothian further up the Firth of Forth to ring and caught our individual (as pictured above) on 24th August!

Although it is only 14 miles between the two sites (as a Tern would fly) this site is beyond the main transport bridges over the Forth and is usually a staging post for Terns heading west into the Clyde before heading south. So its wonderful news that the fledger is doing well and I wonder where we’ll hear of it next? We wish it well and hope its parent returns next year and brings a few others along with it. Who is up for 2020? We can’t wait.

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