Collared Flycatcher!


WOW! moulting adult male Collared Flycatcher (Bex Outram)


Distinctive beast (Bex Outram)


Still showing signs of summer plumage (Bex Outram)

Monday 9th September comments: The Isle of May strikes again! Yesterday just after midday an unusual flycatcher was discovered in the To Trap garden on the island and soon after it was caught (for ringing purposes) in the large Heligoland trap (a specialist bird catching trap).

Over the following few minutes the bird was processed and it was confirmed as the islands first ever Collared Flycatcher!! Although a common breeder in Europe it still remains a very rare visitor to the UK and there are approximately twenty records for Scotland; this being the first ever for the Isle of May. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a very distinctive visitor and from images it appears to be a moulting adult male (black and white plumage is from its summer days).

Its impressive what arrives on the island and this visitor was all so brief, it appears to have gone overnight as no sign today (Monday). We’ve had a good start to autumn (with Aquatic Warbler, Melodious Warbler and now this) and who knows what else will arrive… And this wasn’t even all the news from yesterday as we have more to tell but that will keep for another day soon…

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