First Seal Pup!

First seal pup (down sized)

Isle of May first grey Seal pup of the autumn (Sam Langloislopez)

Sam LL Seal Pup (3)

Safely with mum (Sam Langloislopez)

Sam LL Seal Pup (2)

Having its first feed (Sam langloislopez)

Wednesday 11th September comments: Grey Seal Pup! We are celebrating early this year as we’ve got our first Grey Seal pup of the season, born in the same spot as last year down on the pebble beach of Mill Door on the west side of the island.

The pup was discovered on Sunday (8th September) and is particular early as the average first birth date over the last ten years has been 20th September (the previous earliest during this period was 10th September 2013). However despite the early birth the pup is doing well as mum is in close attendance and it’s been well fed (as you can see on the photos).

Young Grey Seal pups stay 20-21 days with their mothers before they moult and become independent so we’ll keep an eye on this individual and report back as it grows. This is the first of over 2,500 pups which will be born on the island over the next few months so plenty to tell you about as Seal Season has begun!

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