Thank you!

Monday 30th September comments: The Isle of May is closed…ahhhh a big sad sigh. The wonderful 2019 visitor season has now finished as we said goodbye to our final visitor boats of the year and what a great season we’ve had.

This year we’ve welcomed a record number of visitors as we broke the record for the fifth consecutive year and we thank everyone for supporting the Isle of May this season. Without your visits and support we couldn’t achieve the great work we do on here and we thank everyone for that (so keep on visiting!) We also thank the wonderful boat companies and crew who are part of the wider Isle of May team for their great work and friendship. Finally we also thank our wonderful volunteers who hard work and dedication ensure the Isle of May is the wonderful reserve it is today.

Despite the weather at times (we did get some rain days!) it was another great year and we hope next season is just as exciting and successful. The next six months will fly over and we’ll be opening our doors again in the spring of 2020. Until then we are still living and working on here until mid-November so plenty more stories to tell (so stay tuned) as we turn our attention to the Seals…its their island now…

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