Bluetail remains

1 RFB (David STeel)

Our rare visitor remains for its second day

2 RBF (David Steel)

Follow the blue…

RF Bluetail (Keith Morton)

Picture from yesterday taken by Keith Morton

Saturday 5th October comments: Do we need an excuse? The Red-flanked Bluetail remains for a second day on the Isle of May and we really don’t need any excuses to post more pictures of this beautiful peach of a bird.

We’ve waited 44 years for one (our only other record occurred in October 1975)  so we thought we’d share some more photographs taken today as the bird become more showy and was feeding well throughout. This Siberian gem appears to be feeding well although sometimes gets chased by the territorial Robins, but otherwise its business as usual for this first-winter female.

As well as this star bird we welcomed more thrushes (over 500 Redwing and 200 Song Thrush), three Yellow-browed Warblers, Common Rosefinch, Shorelark and much much more. the Isle of May is a busy place at this moment and the question has to be asked…what will be seen tomorrow? You’ll just have to wait and see…


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