Working Away

Friday 25th October comments: Although the Isle of May is now officially closed to the public, we still have plenty of work to keep us entertained. Behind the scenes we are a busy team as we get on with various work; some big scale jobs and other less mundane bits of work.

Since closing we’ve welcomed the SNH National Nature Reserve Teams from around the country and undertake new practical tasks such as dry stone walling. We’ve had some major jobs including the delivery of over 5 tons of timber for replacement heligoland trap work whilst five years worth of sewage was helicoptered off the island from the septic tank (that was certainly an interesting job!) We’ve also had lesser work such as boardwalk construction but also the usual end of season jobs as we put away all the visitor kit including picnic tables and signage.

We’ve been kept busy and still got plenty to achieve before we depart and of course this is taking into account all the wildlife we have including the pupping Grey Seals. We still have some work on the Tern terrace extension whilst paperwork is never far away. As usual we’ll be keeping you posted with all the latest so keep checking out the blog for the updates from the Isle of May.

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