Seal Island

Seal 1

Jetties now closed and undisturbed (this is the pathway to Low jetty)

Seal 2

Seals appearing all across the island

Seal 3

Even the Top Jetty is a good pace to snooze

Seal 4

The magic of a new born pup

Thursday 31st October: It may be Halloween on the Isle of May but there is nothing dead about this place as our Grey Seal colonies are lifting with life. Each day more and more Seal pups are born across the colonies and certain areas are now out of bounds to allow the seals to get on with their pup rearing.

The main jetties at Kirkhaven look very different to the summer months, as large female cow seals and their pups are scattered across the pathways, However its not all quiet as bull seals are starting to arrive and soon fighting over prime spots will begin; the general rule of thumb for bull seals is the bigger they are the better; a 40 stone bull seal can take some toppling. However more on that later in November.

For now its all very gentle and quiet, as young pups are weaned on the rich fatty milk of the female (up to 60% fat in the milk content). The Isle of May Grey Seal colonies will peak in mid-November and we’ll expect 2,500 pups to be born over the course of this autumn. It has certainly become Seal island…

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