Northern Invasion!

woodock 1

Up close to a Woodcock

Woodock 2

Beautiful patterns on head


One on the ground in amongst vegetation

Saturday 2nd November comments: Its invasion time on the Isle of May as its all change on the migration front. We’ve now seen the end of the season (almost) for birds migrating from the north through the island heading to warmer climes to the south. However we are now seeing the arrival of birds from the north which are heading to the UK for winter (escaping the cold winter weather of Scandinavia and Russia).

After several days of quiet passage (not much to report in recent days), today saw the arrival of several bird species which are heading to the mainland with up to 25 Woodcock (including this one pictured above). These woodland cryptic dwellers migrate in from Russia and spend the winter in the UK before heading back next February-March and can be seen at your feet as they explode out of low vegetation or even Puffin burrows as they stop to rest and feed up.

Its a wonderful sight and these alongside overhead passage of Fieldfare and Redwing along with Yellow-browed Warbler and the islands 13th ever Hawfinch, brought to an end a reasonable day. As the winds are switching to the north-east (temperatures will plummet!) but just how many more birds will arrive off the back of that? Lets wait and see but until then the fire is hot and the thermals are on!

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