There’s a Storm Brewing…

Monday 4th November comments: We were expecting it and today it delivered…. a beast of a northerly storm battered the Isle of May and we’ve uploaded a couple of videos showing the scale of the east side of the island which took the brunt of the sea.

The storm has the entire North Sea to cross so big heavy swell builds rapidly and sure enough with nothing in its way, it smashes into the Isle of May. However thankfully the Grey Seal colonies are well protected and sheltered so hopefully the vast majority of animals will be safe and well (you can see the seal colonies at the end of these videos). It’s certainly a big sea and we hope the weather eases soon to allow some normality to the island and its wildlife.

In seas like these, any seabirds which have remained around the island like our Shags and Guillemots will struggle to feed (turbulent seas are easy places to find food) so the quicker the conditions improve the better. However these winds did bring some very special visitors to the island (feather visitors) but we’ll be telling you more about that tomorrow. Until then enjoy the sea videos….  

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