Wax On Wax Off


Waxwing feeding on apple!


Enjoying its meal

Waxwing 3

Two of the three birds on the island

Tuesday 5th November comments: In recent days we’ve had northerly winds (as well as stormy seas as shown on yesterday’s blog) which have plummeted the temperatures on the Isle of May but it’s been brightened up by the arrival of some very exotic visitors; Waxwings!

These starling-sized birds often irrupt from Scandinavia to escape the cold winters and can be found in small numbers in the UK during the winter months feeding on berries and fruit (often in back gardens!) These wonderful birds complete with yellow and waxy red markings, yellow-tipped tails and general pink colouration make these wonderful birds to see! On the Isle of May they are scarce visitors which are passing through although with a few apples placed in the elder bushes, the birds are soon devouring their latest meal before moving on (we’ve had three together).

As the autumn progresses it’s well worth keeping a watchful eye in your gardens, towns and even cities as you never know what wildlife you may see including these stunning visitors. The Waxwings are on their way…

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