Thank You Bird Obs


Sunday 10th November comments: The Isle of May season is slowly and surely coming to a close. It won’t be long before the resident SNH staff depart for the winter to allow it to drop into its winter slumber. Yesterday saw the closure of the Bird Observatory, Scotland’s oldest running Bird Obs as the last residence departed.

In the early spring, the Bain Heligoland trap was replaced by the work party before the Observatory opened officially in mid-April. Thereafter various groups and visitors were welcomed every Saturday throughout the season to help contribute towards the ornithological understanding of the island. Migrant birds were found, counted and ringed as part of the observatories work (its been a cracking year) and a full review will appear on here in the forthcoming weeks.

The Bird Observatory plays a big part in the Isle of May and its active members are an important aspect of the island community and we enjoy working and socialising alongside them. A lot of hard work goes in behind the scenes by the Observatory trust to keep the place ticking along and we already look forward to the 2020 season. Until then, thank-you to everyone who has made it another enjoyable year full of great birds and good company. The Isle of May is very much back on the birding map and hope everyone enjoys their winter break because we’ll be starting again next April. Bring it on.

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