Preparing to leave


Dawn breaking across the Isle of May


Fluke Street and the south end

Wednesday 13th November comments: Its that time of year again as we prepare to leave the Isle of May for the winter. The cleaning and the packing have begun as we’ll be saying goodbye to the island to let it sleep over the winter.

The Grey Seal colonies have peaked and the migrant birds are well on their way, our seabirds have long gone and the research teams have since departed. It is now time for us to leave and enjoy the comforts of home whilst looking forward to next season and the Isle of May. Its been a great season on the island and over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you all the highlights to remind you of what a great place it really is.

As usual we’ll be visiting during the winter, so plenty more updates to come and tomorrow we’ll bring you news of our departure. Its mixed feelings when coming to leave the Isle, as the wonderful memories and stunning place will never be forgotten but new chapters will be written and onwards as we head to winter. Its nearly time to say goodbye.

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