We are off!

Thursday 14th November comments: We are off! With the forecast was suggesting stronger winds on the way so we took advantage of the weather window to depart the Island for the winter, saying goodbye to the 2019 Isle of May season.

The last few days have been hectic as we have had to make sure the island (especially its accommodation) was all sorted, packed and closed down for the winter. The cleaning and packing process takes time as everything right down to the recycling needed sorting and taken off. Just as important the gas, water and electricity supplies were checked and switched into their winter dormancy modes whilst various lists were made to what needs replacing or renewing for next season and what needs to go off island.

There is a lot of logistics about moving off the island but it’s all sorted and as ever, the reliable boat operator arrived to collect us and whisk us back to the mainland. That is the 2019 Isle of May season finished and although we’ll dip in and out during the winter, the main stay on the island is over. The island is now left to its winter dormancy, the Grey Seals will finish off their pupping season before departing for the open sea and only the mice and rabbits will remain.

The Isle of May couldn’t be what it is today without the help of a huge number of people which make the place tick during the season especially SNH staff members Bex, Caroline and Sarah amongst many others whilst our band of volunteers especially long-term volunteers Ella and Cristin were superb. Also a big thank-you to all our boatmen for excellent service, the birders at the bird observatory, the various research teams and everyone else behind the scenes which make the Isle of May one of the best National Nature Reserves this country has to offer. Thank you to each and every one of you.

However don’t go anywhere! We’ve still got plenty of island news and stories to tell you over the next few weeks and also what we do during the winter. We maybe off the island, but we’ve still got plenty of work to be done. The Isle of May never sleeps.

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