Winter slumber

Battkle worn 2

Views of the visitor centre

Battle worn

Across the south end


Low light and far beyond

Monday 6th January comments: Just before Christmas we made our final visit of the decade to the Isle of May to lock the place down and check everything was in good working order. The last of the Grey Seal pups were been weaned and the place looked quiet as it was entering its winter dormancy.

Looking at the photos above, you can see the battle scars of a Seal season as the last of the vegetation clings onto life whilst the island looks barren and bleak. Its always impressive to see how the island recovers from this point as once the growing season kicks back in, the lush green vegetation will germinate and we’ll have a glorious Isle of May once again.

However we are some way off that and the island is currently sleeping with very little activity away from the resident mice and rabbits. Its a time of year we start preparing for the new season ahead as it won’t be long before we are back on the island and open to wildlife and the public. The countdown is on…

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