Quick island visit

Tuesday 11th February comments: Having studied the weather systems, we decided to make a quick island visit on Friday before the fun began with Storm Ciara on Saturday. At this time of year we start planning for the new season ahead and start moving kit and equipment out whilst also taking the opportunity to check the island over for storm damage and anything else that may be of interest.

As you can see from the photos above taken on the day, the island is looking quiet and bleak, with very little wildlife with a scattering of rabbits and a few seabirds present. Interestingly a Buzzard was noted; a species we had failed to record on the May last year but it goes to show the variety of spice on the island even at this time of year (suspect the Buzzard was taking advantage of our rabbit population).

The growing season has yet to start as the battle scars of the previous Seal season were evident but it won’t be long before the island makes a recovery and the seabirds and people will be back. It was a good visit, with supplies dropped and the planning for the new season continues as it won’t be long now…

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