Puffins back in May waters

Wednesday 18th March comments: Spring is seriously just around the corner now as news has filtered through that Puffins have been seen back in the Isle of May waters. A small number were seen grouped together off the island, a sure sign that spring is almost here.

Puffins departed the breeding colonies in August last year and since then have been out at sea, not touching land in that time. The birds have been generally in the North Sea although small numbers move into the Atlantic. Regardless of weather the birds remain out at sea until now as they start moving back along the east coast to breeding colonies. Over the next week or two they’ll touch land for the first time in eight months and the pair bonding, courtship displays and burrow cleaning will commence.

Its an exciting time as the sightings show the seabirds are reacting to the weather and the time of year. Its just a matter of time before other seabirds follow suit and the Isle of May will be alive and kicking. Its good to have them back and we look forward to reporting more news as Puffins are back.

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