Isle of May NNR – Covid -19


Isle of May NNR – COVID-19

Thursday 19th March comments: The Isle of May National Nature Reserve has announced that it is to close with immediate effect due to the unique and exceptional circumstances we currently find ourselves in. In accordance with current UK and SG government policy and NHS guidelines, the island will be closed to all personnel wishing to visit or work on the island. The island will continue to be managed by resident SNH staff on a care and maintenance basis only. It is hoped that this exceptional measure will be temporary and will be under constant review.

Please note that the remainder of all our other SNH beautiful and varied reserves do however remain open for the public to enjoy during this difficult time, while following the social distancing guidelines set out by the government.

We recognise that this will be a very stressful and anxious time for many people, and spending time outdoors and connecting with nature can provide a real boost for both physical and mental health. In a recent survey, around 9 in 10 outdoors visitors reported benefits to their mental and physical wellbeing, with 67% saying it helped them to relax and unwind and 64% saying it improved their physical health.

Where possible we would encourage people to relax and keep active by continuing to explore and enjoy their local nature reserves, parks and greenspaces. Even simple activities such as getting out for a walk, breathing fresh air, listening to birdsong or noticing wild flowers can all greatly improve our wellbeing during this time of uncertainty and stress.

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