Day One

Monday 23rd March comments: It finally arrived. The start of a new season for the Isle of May is underway but unlike any previous season, it has a large black cloud hanging over it. The events of recent weeks in the UK regarding the Coronavirus has finally caught up with the island. SNH took the difficult decision to close the island to all last week following the advice from the government and NHS and today should have been a celebration as various staff, volunteers and bird observatory guests should have been arriving, but sadly not as only two did.

Reserve Manager David Steel entering his sixth season on the May (and 20th year on islands following 14 years on the Farnes) and Bex Outram Assistant Manager entering her seventh year on the May (and 10th on islands following 3 years on the Farnes) arrived. This valuable experience will be needed over the forthcoming weeks and months ahead to steer the May during these troubled times. The two staff have been put back on to maintain the reserve and ensure the wildlife remains protected whilst also ensuring the safety of others whilst we wait for the currents events to subside.

SO the new season is here and over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be bringing you all the news and highlights from the May. From the return of the Puffins to the first Shag eggs. If it moves, we’ll let you know, as even though you can not visit (just yet) we will be bringing the May to you. Stay safe everyone and get ready for an island adventure….

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