On its way


Visitor centre with its ‘green’ roof….


The jetty landing area near visitor centre


The Low Lighthouse (bird Observatory)

Tuesday 24th March comments: The Isle of May is slowly and surely waking up to spring as the flora of the island germinates as day light hour’s and temperatures increase. We’ve also seen it in bird behaviour as Rock Pipits have started singing, Shags are frantically nest building and various other seabirds are starting to show signs that the breeding season is just around the corner.

However it’s also a strange time as we know over the next few weeks we won’t (disappointingly) be welcoming visitors to share and enjoy this wonderful place. We also won’t be seeing the boatmen we know so well and the various research teams and bird observatory friends who help make the Isle of May what it is. However we hope things will change over the next month and this will be just a distance dream.

We’ll keep you posted with the daily events; today we’ve been busy sorting out the accommodation on the island, as a full spring clean has been in order. From deep cleaning fridges to painting walls, it’s been a busy day as we prepare not just for the birds arriving but also the various groups of people. Life goes on!

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