A Rosy Two Days…


Punk rock; Adult Rose-coloured Starling arrived today


A bit more subtle; a Marsh Warbler caught and ringed

Bex icterine

Icterine Warbler (Bex Outram)

Monday 15th June comments: We’ve had a seabird catch-up, we’ve had a weather catch-up, but today we bring you a bird migrant catch-up. The weather over the last seven days has been very mixed, but mainly cold with fog patches (we’ve had fog for three consecutive days now). Despite the cool temperatures, one thing the wind direction is good for is bringing migrant birds to the Isle of May. However, as it is now mid-June the majority of migrant birds are not migrating as they are where they should be, and are probably breeding and raising a family as I type. But not all are settled…

Mid-June is very much the tail end of the spring migration season but the Isle of May has a good reputation for bringing in good birds and so it has proved. Up until yesterday very little had happened but then someone turned on the tap and the birds arrived. Yesterday we welcome some rare visitors in the form of a Marsh Warbler and a Grey-headed Wagtail (a Yellow Wagtail sub-species which breeds in Scandinavia). We also welcomed some commoner birds such as Spotted Flycatchers, Willow Warblers and Blackcaps also on their travels.

Today the weather pattern remained the same but more new arrivals as an Icterine Warbler was discovered with a singing Common Rosefinch soon after. To complete a good 24 hours, another Marsh Warbler was found (this was caught and ringed and yesterday’s bird was still present) whilst a Common Crossbill was found late afternoon. However to finish off an outstanding 24 hours, a stonking adult Rose-coloured Starling was discovered; part of a national influx and the fourth ever record for the island.

So we’ve not been out long (seven days to be precise) but we’ve produced some good birds especially in the last 24 hours. The Isle of May never disappoints even when migration is over, well almost over as it clearly isn’t. Its good to be back.

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