Time to Tern

Tern egg

From Arctic Tern egg…

Arctic Tern chick

…to young chick…

Fledger Arctic Tern

To fledger!


the magnificent Arctic Tern

Sunday 12th July comments: After yesterday’s exciting news that we will be reopening from Wednesday, we had more good news as our first Arctic Tern chick of the season took to the wing.

In recent weeks several different seabird species have been witnessing their young fly for the first time and yesterday it was the tern (!) of the Arctic tern. After 23 days since hatching the first chick was flying which is wonderful news for the birds and the colony. Over the next few weeks we should see plenty more flying but little do they realise that they will be following their parents to the Antarctic (yes they are the world’s longest distant bird migrant).

However we are still a month or so away from the birds leaving the island but until then the new fledged youngsters will have to master the air (yesterday’s first flying youngster crash landed into a nettle patch, but soon recovered).It exciting times on the Isle of May and the season is advancing nicely…

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