Cormorants Nesting

Cormorant 1

Two large Cormorant chicks on the Isle of May

Cormorant 2

Another nest containing a smaller chick

Comrmorant 3

Feed me now!

Tuesday 21st July comments: Well everyone is in agreement that it has been a strange season with the reserve managers returning to the island in late March but within days were locking the place up and leaving it to nature. During April and May no-one visited or was present and it was not until the second week of June that people eventually returned to work on the Isle of May.

During those two months wonderful birdlife of the island was just getting on with business as usual with plenty parents feeding chicks when the staff returned on 8th June. However it was evident that a small number of Cormorants had settled on the north end of the island and on further inspection, a total of four pairs were breeding. Chicks were spotted soon-after and as we now approach late July we can report that three of the four pairs have successfully raised young.

Cormorants breed on other islands in the Firth of Forth but not usually on the Isle of May although a pair nested a few years ago but failed at egg stage. This is the first confirmed breeding success we have had for this species and it will be interesting to see how this small colony develops over the next few years.

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