Thursday 30th July comments: Late summer is a brilliant time of year to visit the Isle of May and it’s not just for the wonderful seabirds or island which can appeal. August and September are arguably the best time to see cetaceans in this part of the world and an encounter with Harbour Porpoise is possible if you keep your eyes open as you cross to the island in the visitor boats.

However it can get much better as the above video shows (taken today by Simon Chapman on the visitor boat the May Princess) as a small pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphins swam alongside this morning. This amazing wildlife encounter shows the rich variety of life that can be in the North Sea at this time of year as cetaceans start moving closer to shore to feed on the migratory fish such as Mackerel and Herring. It wasn’t just dolphins, as soon after a Minke Whale was seen in the area, showing just how good a visit can be.

It can be an incredible experience visiting the Isle of May and one we fully recommend. Boats continue to sail until the end of September and for further details check out the individual boat company’s website below:

Osprey Rib (departs Anstruther) website:

May Princess (departs Anstruther) website:

Seabird Centre Rib (departs North Beriwck) website:

 Bluewild (departs Dunbar) website:

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