Seabird Update

Saturday 1st August: Welcome to a new month (where has time gone!?) and it’s a month which will see plenty of change on the Isle of May NNR. To bring you up to speed, here is a guide to the seabird species we have and what they are doing at this moment in time as we enter a new month.

Cormorant: The small colony (four pairs) on the north end of the island have successfully fledged two young today with more due in the next week.

Shags: Adults and fledged youngsters are scattered around the Island but their breeding season is well and truly over

Fulmar: All chicks are still present on the island as the first fledgling is due to leave later this month (over 300 pairs nest on the island)

Arctic Terns: Still good numbers present at roost with some chicks still yet to fledge (should be present for another couple of weeks)

Puffins: Numbers have decreased today for the first time as adults look to leave. Over the next two weeks more and more will depart for the open sea and not return until next March.

Kittiwakes: Good numbers of youngsters are now flying (distinguishable by their black markings on head and wings) and it appears to have been a good breeding season. The vast majority of adults are still present on the cliff sides.

Guillemot and Razorbill: Almost all gone now as parents have successfully fledged lots of youngsters and headed for the open sea. However we still have a few stragglers so well worth checking the clifftops for these individuals.

Eiders; One female Eider with six large chicks remain on the islands Loch but all others are now out in the open sea

Over the next few weeks we’ll start seeing a complete change on the Isle of May and then our attention will focus on other things such as history, migrants and then Grey Seals. Still plenty more to follow…

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