Welcome September

Tuesday 1st September: Welcome to September and time is flying. We’ve been a bit quiet on the blog of recent but now it’s a new month and technically autumn (from a bird migration point of view) so we’ll be bringing you more regular updates from the Island over the next few months as we’ve got plenty of stories to tell.

This month will see migration in action as birds moving south will use the island as a staging post to feed and shelter whilst October will bring birds from the north heading into the UK; the Isle of May is the gateway to Scotland for many passerine migrants.

On land the seabirds have long gone but attention will soon turn to the Grey Seals of the Island as we will expect our first Grey Seal pup later this month…followed by many more. From October-December the Isle of May becomes one of the most significant Grey Seal colonies in the UK with over 2,500 pups born across the island during this period. We’ll be bringing you all the news and updates from this exciting time.

And finally, we’ll also be bringing you plenty of other news from the Isle of May including the population counts of the various seabirds from this season, moth and butterfly updates and cetaceans. So stay tuned and keep checking the blog, the news will be coming thick and fast.

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