In with the new…

Sunday 27th September comments: Its been planned for a while but with favourable tides, weather and time, we brought in some new equipment which will serve the Isle of May for the foreseeable future.

The islands old quad bike which was slowly falling apart has been replaced with a new Polaris vehicle for moving kit and equipment around the island. The bonus of the new vehicle (apart from the fact it can take a passenger) is that its electric; as the island has a large array of solar panels, its another step in the right direction as the Isle of May is becoming more self efficient and more green (we’ll be burning less fossil fuels as a result). Its a great move for the island and the new Polaris will hopefully serve us well for many years to come (and as it’s electric, its silent!)

At the same time we also took the opportunity to get various other kit and equipment onto the island as well as various rubbish off. We also said goodbye to our old quad as it was taken off for a new home. The quad served the island well throughout it 15+ years and will certainly be missed (maybe not the noise of it – electric vehicles are silent which is nice). So onwards and upwards as we keep improving the island and look forward to many years service from the new Polaris.

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