Ghost Gear…

Monday 28th September comments: In recent days we’ve had some serious northerly winds producing heavy seas (big waves) which has been smashing the east of the island. Today as the wind eased and the sea state calmed we noticed a large amount of rope and creels in the entrance of the harbour on the island.

To our dismay we also noticed a Grey Seal had entangled itself and was looking to free itself but it needed a bit of help. Soon after the experienced team were in action and the seal was free but then the ‘ghost’ gear remained. Ghost gear is a term used for fishing nets and ropes which have been left or lost by fishermen and can cause serious issues to local wildlife as seals, birds and other marine life can be entangled and inevitably die in the mass of nets and ropes. This issue is a concerning worldwide problem but today we witnessed it on a local scale but we acted to prevent any further issues for the wildlife of the Isle of May (especially with the grey Seal season fast approaching). As a result we decided to take action and eventually (after a big effort) the ghost gear was safely on land where we can now deal with it responsibly. Thankfully no wildlife will now suffer as a result of these actions by the team.

Please note we are trained experienced professionals and if you discover any trapped animal or ghost gear in the sea, please seek advice from BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Rescue) for further information.

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