Thank You for Visiting

Tuesday 29th September comments: The Isle of May is closed as we’ve said farewell to our final visitors of 2020. It doesn’t seem that long ago we were opening our doors but today was the last visitors of the strange and wonderful 2020 season.

The season will never be forgotten in our life-time as due to a worldwide pandemic, the island opened on 15th July some four months after we would normally open. Add the fact that boats were heavily restricted with numbers and island staff were limited in their duties, it proved to be a strange season all-round. Despite this, the entire background team did exceptionally well to get the place open and the public responded by coming out in good numbers to enjoy the Isle of May. Without your visits and support we couldn’t achieve the great work we do out here and we thank everyone for that (so please keep on visiting!) We also thank the wonderful boat companies and crew who are part of the wider Isle of May team for their great work, support and friendship; its been a tough season but we’ve managed to make this special for those who have visited. Lets go again next season.

So we close the door on the 2020 visitor season (one never to forget) and hopefully we can look forward to a brighter and better future. We’ll be back in the spring of 2021 to start again and I hope you can all join us. We are staying on the island for the next month or so, so plenty more stories to follow so please stay tuned!

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