More migrant Madness!

Tuesday 6th October comments: The weekend brought hundreds (if not thousands?) of migratory birds to the Isle of May and the last 24 hours has seen yet more arrivals. All across the island small birds can be found feeding, sheltering, roosting or generally just taking a breather as they continue on their migratory travels.

The island has seen some impressive numbers of Chiffchaffs (88 on Sunday, 79 on Monday), almost 200 Robins, Blackcaps reaching treble figures and much much more. Further unusual birds have included a Hawfinch whilst skulking Grasshopper Warblers are wonderful birds to see. As expected when a large arrival of birds occur so do the predators as three Peregrines, two Kestrels and two Short-eared Owls have been patrolling and taking advantage. Its incredible to see the Isle of May transform from an active seabird colony into a main east coast migratory station. Next up is the Seal season but more on that soon (and we have some very exciting news about it!)

So its still all go and wonderful to watch and experience. We’ll keep you posted with further sightings but until then enjoy the photos above. Just for interest the top row is Blackbird, Blackcap and Starling, with second row of Siskin, Goldcrest and Robin

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