Slow Start

Monday 12th October comments: Its been a slow but steady start to the new Grey Seal pupping season out here on the Isle of May as the number of pups is low (we have six new born). However the first pup has survived its second week and with huge numbers of adults starting to gather around the island, it wont be long before we are in full swing.

The Isle of May is one of the most significant Grey Seal colonies on the east coast of the UK with other major pupping nurseries including St.Abbs Head area (Borders), Farne Island (Northumberland), Donna Nook (Lincs) and the North Norfolk Coastline. The latter site is now the UK’s largest with over 3,000 pups born per annum. Interestingly seal colonies pup incrementally around the UK coast in a clockwise direction as pups are born on the Welsh islands from early August with the North Sea colonies not starting until Mid-September. As always the Isle of May is the first to start on the east coast followed by the Northumberland colonies before eventually finishing in North Norfolk.

So we’ve now started and we’ll be bringing you plenty more news from the colonies as they increase over the next few weeks and months as its an exciting time to follow the news and events from the Isle.

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