Setting up continues…

Thursday 22nd October comments: Its been another busy day on the Isle of May NNR as the set up for the live BBC Autumnwatch continues. The remote cameras have been rigged and testing is underway as well as the occasional challenge the team didn’t expect (making sure cameras are Grey Seal proof is rather interesting).

As well as the cameras the BBC team have been trying out the infrared technology to allow any nocturnal activity to be captured (seals can be very active at night). Infrared cameras (also known as thermal imaging cameras) are cameras designed to pick up infrared radiation as a heat signature allowing filming at night. As well as night filming, the team have also installed some specialist features including an underwater camera for footage of seals in their natural habitat underwater. So as you can see, it’s still all go as the countdown is on for next Tuesday Isle of May debut performance on Autumnwatch.

As all of this is going on, the Grey Seals of the island have been getting on with their daily lives as more and more appear on the colonies. The main nurseries at the north end of the island (on a small islet called Rona) is very active whilst the south end is steadily filling. Its all building for a great few weeks and hopefully all the action will be brought to you live on television. We can’t wait.

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