Nearly time…

Monday 26th October comments: We have reached the big week and its now just 24hours before Autumnwatch is beamed across the nation on the BBC from various localities including Tenstmuir NNR with updates from the Isle of May seal colonies.

Its been a fairly quiet weekend on the island as the BBC team have been recording the daily lives of the seals. At present the number of female seals (known as cows) is increasing daily as animals return to the Isle of May to pup. These heavily pregnant females are finding a safe and secure area to give birth whether it’s on a beach or grassy flat plateau. Cow seals generally give birth overnight but we do still see births on the colonies during the day. Once born, the pup will stay with the female for up to twenty-one days as the young are weaned on the rich fatty milk of the female (up to 60% fat in the milk content). The Isle of May Grey Seal colonies will peak in mid-November and we’ll expect 2,500 pups to be born over the course of this autumn.

Other than the cows and pups, we’ve seen a few male (bull) seals move in as they’ll start setting up and defending territories on the colonies, which can be very brutal and graphic but much more on that later.

Until then you can continue to follow the news from the island on this blog or our facebook page whilst check out the action on the BBC Autumnwatch live web camera (which will run daily from 11am-11pm) at this link:

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