New Life…

New to the world; an Isle of May Grey Seal pup
Exhausted but born to the world (mum behind)
Looking about to see what its all about
Its first feed!

Monday 2nd November comments: Another day on the Isle of May NNR and yet more Grey Seal pups born across the Isle. The last 24 hours has seen some drama unfold on the west beaches but despite the best efforts of Storm Aiden and the the North Sea, the pups remained unharmed (and we should mentioned after some great work from the mothers – see yesterdays blog post).

Today brought more new life as a good number of seal pups were born including the youngster pictured above, just beside the visitor centre (where the BBC Autumnwatch team are based). As you can see the pup was curious to the big brave new world it had just been born into but for mum it was a well earned rest (and she needed it). However it wasn’t long before the youngster need feeding and was soon enjoying the rich fatty milk of the cow seal.

This scene is now being played out across all the colonies on the Isle of May on a daily basis as the number of pups continues to rise. Over the course of the autumn over 2,500 pups will be born across the Isle of May making it one of the biggest and most important in the British Isles. To follow all the action remember to tune into BBC Two from 8pm tomorrow night for Autumnwatch or check out their website with the live cameras.

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