Final Showdown

Friday 6th November comments: Where has time gone? The nation have been watching the antics of the Grey Seals of the Isle of May on BBC Autumnwatch for the last two weeks and tonight is the final show (starts 8pm on BBC Two). We’ve seen everything from new pups, to bull fights and even mating whilst introducing a few characters along the way.

The team have also brought you the story of migration through the Isle of May including Woodcock moons and an interview with reserve manager David Steel. You can check out that episode on BBC iPlayer here:

There have also been live cameras beaming daily from the seal colonies from 11am to 11pm and they are still running today so check it out here:

And onto the final show tonight which will bring you the final action from the colonies, a round-up and the goodbyes. For us on the May life will continue and we’ll keep bringing you all the news as we start packing up (the BBC team need to depart) and the wildlife which makes this place so special. Stay tuned.

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