That’s it!

from left to right: Al, James and Sam

Saturday 7th November comments: That’s all folks! The last episode of Autumnwatch was screened to the nation last night on BBC Two and for the final time the Grey Seals of the Isle of May featured (as well as the Guillemots on the cliffs). Its been a brilliant two weeks which has showcased the work of NatureScot on the Isle of May and its wildlife at this time of year (we hope you have enjoyed).

We owe a lot of thanks to a lot of people for helping to produce the two weeks of stories and live feeds from the island including the BBC team on the island which made the magic happen including Al, James, Sam and Raymond as well as Michaela for visiting and highlighting the May every night. A big thanks to the team living on the island especially Bex and Duncan who helped accommodate everyone, as well as Peter for ensuring the internet behaved itself (we are an island after all) and of course the real stars of the show; the Grey Seals themselves.

You can still catch every episode on BBC iPlayer and stay tuned to this blog for more seal updates over the next two months as the season will eventually come to a close. However we’ve got lots to sort and plenty of packing to do as the BBC have to depart and that will be some job (more on this tomorrow). Autumnwatch maybe over but the Isle of May is still alive and kicking.

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