Blackbird Migration

Redwing on the ground

Tuesday 10th November comments: The late autumn on the Isle of May is dominated by Grey Seals but we’ve also witnessed late autumn migration in action as yesterday brought a flood of Blackbirds to the isle.

Yesterday’s census of the island revealed 750 Blackbirds and a good scattering of Fieldfare and Redwing and as the photos show, they were taking advantage of apples we put out on the bird table and nearby Elder bushes. These Blackbirds are following their cousins as they are leaving Scandinavia for the winter to escape the harsh weather of the north. As they make the perilous sea crossing they pass over the Isle of May (with some stopping over to refuel) and several east coast headlands were reporting Blackbird movements yesterday. These birds will spend the winter in the UK (have you noticed an increase in the local Blackbird population?) before heading back north early next spring. It’s a migratory cycle which occurs every year and although Redwings and Fieldfares are celebrated for their migration, the Blackbirds is lesser well known amongst people.

However here they are, moving west to the Scottish mainland and we wish them well and probably will see one or two of them next spring. Bird migration is fascinating thig to study and even better to watch especially on this level. The Isle of May just never disappoints.  

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