Meet the Moles…

Friday 20th November comments: Whilst some females Grey Seals move around looking for space to give birth and the bulls are fighting (boys will be boys) the Grey Seal pups of the Isle of May are just getting on with business; the business of growing up (mainly sleeping).

Plenty of youngsters have been born recently but there are also plenty well on their way to independence. There are also some teenagers about as their mums have moved off the colonies and left the pups for independence. It’s a big old world out there for a pup especially as its now on its own. However the pounds the pup has put on in its first three weeks of life will serve it well. Since being born its being feeding on fatty milk which helps it put on 2lbs per day and the thick layer of blubber below the skin will help it survive for a further few weeks at the very least. It will have grown from 16kg to over 60kg!

It is at this stage of life that the white coats are molted into a ‘second coat’ which is more dark (they vary in colour from grey to black) and thereafter the patterning will remain with them for life. In non-scientific terms we call them weaners at this age (also known as second coasters or even molys). Now they must look towards the sea as they must head out and fish for themselves. Who said it was easy being a seal pup? We wish them well.

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