Preparing for closing

Sunday 22nd November comments: Its been a strange and unforgettable year (for almost all the wrong reasons) but the wildlife of the Isle of May has continued with life as normal throughout the seasons.

The spring period saw the closure of the island to all people as Covid-19 gripped the nation and it wasn’t until early June before the staff could return. It was then another month before visitors could enjoy the island (in restricted numbers) but regardless the seabirds got on with the job in hand of raising young. The summer was generally a success for the local wildlife whilst the autumn belonged to the islands Grey Seals and the migrant birds.

However we now find ourselves in late November with the shadow of Covid still hanging over us and the future unknown but life has to continue. We will be closing the island down for the winter this week to allow it to sleep and rest before we return next spring (we hope). This week is closing down week and we’ll bring you news as we say goodbye to the Isle of May for another season, a season like no other. Get ready for plenty of highlights as we look back at the year that was 2020.

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