Guillemots on the up!

Thursday 7th January comments: Yesterday we started the New Year with a new mini-series about the seabirds of the Isle of May. The start of the new series featured the Guillemot and we looked at their breeding biology and main features.

Today we can reveal that Guillemots had a good breeding season last year as the population increased by 8% over the entire island on the 2019 total. This welcome increase has to be taken into consideration as seabird populations can fluctuate on an annual basis (for example birds can take a year off breeding etc) but overall the news is positive, as over the last decade, the islands population has been slowly increasing (as the trend line indicates in the graph above). In 2020 the full island census revealed a total of 23,306 individuals giving an estimate of 16,865 nesting pairs (this is calculated from study plots). This was an increase from the previous year from 21,493 individuals, an increase of 8% and the highest population count since 2003.

This is positive news for Guillemots as breeding numbers are slowly increasing and it will be interesting to see what the new year will bring; more increases we hope. However we are still some way off the start of the new seabird season and just where are our Guillemots at this moment in time, in deepest darkest winter? Well tomorrow we bring you the answers…

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