Welcome back

Monday 22nd February comments: We’ve made it. We are now on the Isle of May (just for the working week) and considering the weather of recent weeks, we got extremely lucky with the sailing to the island today. The seas over the last three weeks have been rough (mountainous at times) but today it was easy going with light winds and calm flat seas. Even the sun made an appearance today which was both timely and welcome.

We are on the island to start the process of opening up the accommodation with various vital safety checks and jobs to be complete including the full scale clean and treatment of our water system. The water in the accommodation is pumped direct from a well and treated though a reverse osmosis unit which enables us to drink and use for showers etc (it has to be up to standard as it is tested by Fife county council). We also need such jobs doing as servicing of the generators, solar panels as well as fire extinguishers and alarm safety systems checks (its all go!)

So it’s going to be a busy week, all under covid restrictions to ensure we are socially distanced. It’s good to see the island (although its looking bare) and we’ll do more exploring tomorrow and will report on how the seabirds are doing (well the few which are here!)    

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