Seabird Season about to begin…

Tuesday 23rd March comments: Our first full day back on the Isle of May and its been a day of discovery as we’ve been catching up on the various island news (and trying to stay warm… been so cold today!)

Its been interesting to check out the sea cliffs as some of our seabirds are already thinking about the new breeding season ahead. In a ‘normal’ season, the European Shags are always the first to start nesting and it appears, despite the knock-back of the poor winter weather in early February, that it will be the case again this year. Across the clifftops, birds are constructing nests with some having completed very advanced structures whilst pair bonding is very evident (as shown in the video, the dance of the Shags). We suspect they’ll be on eggs by the end of this month as things start moving along very nicely. European Shags are very pristine stunning looking birds (almost reptilian) and its beautiful to watch and see.

As ever, we’ll keep you informed of this story and will bring you further news of the islands seabirds as slowly and surely, the new seabird season is about to begin….

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