Puffin Nuffin

One of the first puffins back…
a few more
Checking out old burrows
But then off!

Sunday 28th March comments: Whilst our breeding Shags are underway (the first eggs were discovered on Friday), the majority of our seabirds are having their usual slow start to the beginning of the season and some birds aren’t even back yet.

Our Puffins touched land early this year on 16th March having spent the winter out at sea but since then the unsettled weather has resulted in only a small number being present. Over the ten days since that arrival date, birds have been seen on land on only a handful of occasions and we still yet wait for the ‘big’ arrival date when we expect over 80,000 Puffins to land on the Isle of May (and how is exciting will that be?)

Puffins will return to the same nest burrow which they used the previous year and spring cleaning will commence as they prepare for egg laying in mid-April. We look forward to the mass return of birds but until then we’ll wait patiently and will bring you the news once they are all here. Until then enjoy the photos of some of the birds which have landed in recent days; it’s good to see them back.  

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