Easter Snowshine

Monday 5th April comments: Easter is often associated with springtime, flowering daffodils, new born lambs and glorious walks in the countryside. In reality today parts of the U.K have experienced snowfall, hail and temperatures below -8. Welcome to Easter everyone.  

Here on the Isle of May the temperatures reached a low of -3 degrees overnight but that doesn’t take into consideration of the wind chill, so you have an idea of what it’s really like (biting cold!). The strong north-westerly wind has also produced some impressive seas with swell and waves crashing into the east side of the island. As a result the majority of seabirds have cleared off the island, back out to the relative safety of the North Sea leaving only those early nesting Shags to sit it out and take the brunt of the storm. We suspect this weather (which is set to continue over the next few days) will potentially delay other breeding seabirds despite daylight hours increasing.

So the island is fairly quiet and with very few migrant birds moving (you don’t blame them for staying where they are) it’s been a quiet day on the island but at least we can stay safe and warm inside, just think of those seabirds sitting on the sea… Lets hope it passes quickly and we can get on with the more spring-like weather and the seabirds can start again.  

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