The State of Our Seabirds…

Sunday 23rd May Comments: Seabirds are well watched, well studied and are a fascinating group of birds to enjoy. They have such interesting lifestyles; from living life out at sea to eking out a breeding ledge on the cliffs and islands surrounding the British Isles. Huge numbers nest in the British Isles and seabirds are long living, which helps tell us a lot about the health of the environment they live in and the effects of impacts such as climate change or pollution amongst much more.

In recent days the JNCC (Joint Nature Conservation Committee) have released the latest report revealing the state of our breeding seabirds around the U.K. and as ever, it is a real mixed picture. We see good news for some species, especially the auks and continued bad news for others which have experience long-term declines such as the European Shags, Kittiwakes and terns amongst others. These are the latest highlights released in the report:


Cormorant                   +16%

Guillemot                     +60%

Razorbill                      +37%

European Shag           -40%

Kittiwake                     -29%

GB  Gull                      -23%

Common Tern             -3%

Arctic Tern                  -5%

As ever we’ll be undertaking the cliff count populations of seabirds in June and it’ll be interesting to see the comparisons. For those interested, here is a link to the full JNCC report is available here:

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