Tern egg!

Monday 24th May comments: It’s a fast moving world out on the Isle of May (and still a bit of a cold one) but the first egg dates of all the species is almost complete as we have confirmation of the first Arctic tern egg! The world’s longest distant bird migrant has been arriving in good numbers in recent days (despite the weather) with copulating and nest scraping behaviour noted. Eventually on 22nd May we had news that the first egg had been laid. Despite this first egg it appears to be the only one so far so we are still days away from mass egg laying.

Interestingly our nearest colonies to the south of us have had eggs for several days with Coquet Island (southern Northumberland) discovered on 12th May and the Farne Islands (north Northumberland) several days later. It’ll be interesting to receive reports from colonies to the north of us as birds continue to head north.

However it’s now started and over the next week we’ll have plenty more eggs to report and a word of warning; if you are visiting in the near future, please bring a hat. Arctic Terns take no prisoners. You’ve been warned…

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